‘Bob’s Burgers’ Pop-Ups Will Bring Food Puns to IRL Restaurants This Weekend

Bob’s Burgers fans in Atlanta and St. Louis may want to clear their dining plans for Sunday. In honor of its 150th episode, the Fox show is taking over a restaurant in each city, offering free burgers for the first 800 diners and plenty of swag. Thus far, these are the only reports of Bob’s Burgers restaurant takeovers this weekend, but don’t be surprised if this turns out to be a national promotion. Whether the restaurants get full-blown makeovers to celebrate the show remains to be seen.


More ground beef is being recalled. Cargill Meat Solutions has issued a recall notice for roughly 132,000 pounds of the red meat, which may be tainted with E. coli and was sold at a number of national grocery chains. Seventeen illnesses and one death have been linked to the beef.

Necco wafers, those chalky little candies that were on the brink of extinction, have been saved, per the Takeout. Spangler Candy Co. has purchased Necco and will continue to make the candies.

A bunch of made-over Queer Eye veterans got together over the weekend at Mamma Tammye’s church in Georgia, according to People. Fans will remember Mamma Tammye as the makeover star in the first episode of Queer Eye’s second season on Netflix.

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