Del Monte Foods launches “Growers of Good” campaign

At 132 years and counting, Del Monte Foods is looking to modernize its image with consumers of all ages, convince private label-loving millennials that it’s worth paying a bit more for its branded canned and packaged products, and drive awareness and sales for a growing number of new products.


The Walnut Creek, Calif.-based company, whose brands include  Contadina, College Inn and S&W, as well as Del Monte, has in recent times scored successes with launches of healthy, convenience-oriented products such as Del Monte Fruit Refreshers and Del Monte Fruit & Chia. In June, it added a Del Monte Fruit & Oats line.

Del Monte Foods generated $308.3 million in sales in its fiscal 2019 Q1, ended in July, accounting for 71% of sales for Singapore-based Del Monte Pacific, its owner since 2014.

Those sales represented an 8% decline from the prior-year period, in part reflecting lower volumes of private-label goods — which in turn reflects an overall strategy to de-prioritize private-label and other unprofitable businesses in favor of focusing on Del Monte’s core businesses and innovations, according to the parent company.

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