Is Every Food Influencer Screaming About Ghee? Thanks to Organic Valley’s Ad Editors, Yes

Even a fairly proficient home cooks can get stumped by ingredients they’re not familiar with. Ghee? What the hell is ghee? And how do I use it?


It’s basically clarified butter—mystery solved!—and all the culinary influencers on YouTube are already hip to it. Or are they?

Organic Valley, under its continuing tagline, “Call us crazy, but it’s working,” launches a digital campaign that literally puts words in influencers’ mouths (well, one word: “Ghee!”) and substitutes the product for oil and butter in their cooking demos.

It’s an intentionally low-rent digital trick, done after the fact. The Wisconsin-based dairy co-op, the first billion-dollar organic brand in the U.S., altered finished videos by adding a blatant on-screen product placement and dropping in “Ghee!” like a censored swear word.

So when Food Network’s Katie Lee and YouTube stars like Momma Cherri and Kent Rollins mention butter or oil in their videos, it’s now a cheeky shill for Organic Valley.

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