Snickers Created a ‘Hunger Bunker’ Escape Room to Launch Three New Candy Bar Flavors

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Snickers just started to roll out three new “Intense” flavors—sweet and salty, fiery and espresso—to satisfy all of your hunger pangs. In honor of the trifecta of limited edition Snickers flavors hitting shelves, the brand created a unique pop-up experience for one day only in New York City.

snickers intense

Modeled after the popular escape the room craze where participants are “locked” in a room for a set period of time and asked to solve puzzles to break out of said room, Snickers created its own Hunger Bunker for hungry fans.

Inside the bunker, participants were asked to solve three challenges in 10 minutes. Each challenge tied back to one of the new flavors. Fail to complete one of the tasks or take too long on one? The task that had you stumped represents your flavor profile.

When your bunker’s (imaginary) oxygen supply begins to dwindle, those who are inside must solve a quick puzzle for the irritable/espresso challenge. The group must put a series of pipe pieces back together to get oxygen flowing again. Fail to do so and your group will be labeled irritable.

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