Pinnacle Foods, VaynerMedia Announce Game-Changing Partnership to Drive Brand Growth

Pinnacle Foods announced today that it has entered into a unique partnership with VaynerMedia to create world-class marketing content and capabilities that will better engage consumers and drive brand growth.  Pinnacle Foods is home to such iconic brands as Birds Eye, Duncan Hines, Vlasic, Wish-Bone, and Hungry-Man and emerging brands such as Udi’s, Gardein and EVOL. Pinnacle chose VaynerMedia, helmed by New York Times best-selling author, media personality and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, because it is an attention agency with its finger on the pulse of consumer interest.

These two companies are uniquely matched culturally and have a joint commitment to contemporizing and building brands. The marketing teams will employ research data to test and refine content, thereby creating a low cost and highly effective model.  So far, the initial marketing programs created through this partnership, on Duncan Hines and Vlasic have proven to be very successful.

This is not the typical agency-client relationship, but rather a transformational partnership that is helping reinvent how agencies and clients work together.  The new business approach includes several unique aspects:

  1. An organizational model that embeds employees of each company physically into the other company. This will deliver exceptional results by ensuring complete transfer of knowledge, allowing cultural immersion and driving efficiency.
  2. Collaboration between the two organizations to create an ongoing learning curriculum that will elevate marketing expertise in the complex and fast-changing digital landscape.
  3. Hands-on, joint business planning and integration of all consumer touch points to drive brand equity and impact.

“Today’s fast-changing retail and digital environment calls for innovative marketing approaches. Consumer engagement is at the forefront and this new partnership will equip our brands to grow in this space,” said Mark Clouse, CEO of Pinnacle Foods, “The early activations that we have tested are an exciting indicator of the type of success that Pinnacle and VaynerMedia can create together, leveraging the strengths and scale of both organizations.”

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