Wonderful Halos Goes Viral With Kid Video Stars

A Wonderful Halos branded content video starring YouTube kid star “Ryan” has generated nearly 1.8 million views in the 10 days since it posted on April 16.

In addition, a second paid video, starring “Evan,” has pulled nearly 325,000 views in the same timeframe.

Both ads are part of Wonderful Halos’s largest-to-date digital influencer program, running through the mandarin season that ends in May.

The fruit brand is teaming with some of YouTube’s most-followed stars, as well as having its network of mom influencers offer fun ways to introduce healthy snacking into kids’ activities.

The Ryan video (below), featured on the Ryan’s Family Review YouTube channel, has the little boy playing a kids’ version of “Would you rather” with his mother. (Example: Would you rather play in the backyard on a sunny day, or would you rather just sit on the sofa the whole day?)

Ryan — a 6-year-old who pulled in $11 million with his “Ryan Toys Review” show in the 12 months ended June 1, 2017, according to Forbes — is one of YouTube’s “Most-Watched Video Creators,” pulling some 1 billion views per month.

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