M&M’s Made a Magical, Interactive Pop-up Where Fans Vote for a New Crunchy Chocolate Flavor

M&M’s is ready to launch a brand new flavor, but instead of making the decision for consumers, the brand is giving candy lovers a chance to vote on their favorite crunchy flavor: crunchy raspberry, crunchy espresso or crunchy mint. While fans everywhere can vote for their personal favorite, those in the New York City area have a chance to truly experience what each flavor tastes, smells and even feels like through a pop-up experience in NYC.

mms pop-up

“The event itself is because our fans at M&M’s love to be part of how we create a flavor,” said Tanya Berman, vp of chocolate at Mars. “We get ideas all the time from them, whether it’s on social [or] online, people even write to us because they love the variety and the flavor.”

M&M’s held a similar vote in 2016—fans voted for a new coffee nut flavor of the chocolate peanut candies—which the brand says was a huge success. This time around, M&M’s wanted fans to be even more involved. So, the immersive pop-up was born.

The flavor experience has everything you’d expect from a branded pop-up, including three special cocktails inspired by the three new flavors (complete with crushed M&M’s lining the rim of the glass) and some M&M’s-inspired snacks like a mini crunchy raspberry-inspired grilled cheese and a crunchy mint ice-cream sandwich.

There are three specialized rooms, one for each flavor. When you walk into each of the rooms, you are immediately hit with a wafting of mint, espresso or raspberry, respectively. Each room is also filled with M&M’s for fans to enjoy before they make their way out and vote for their favorite flavor.

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