DairyPure Reveals First Campaign From New Agency KBS

Dean Foods’ DairyPure is introducing its first work from new AOR KBS since awarding the account to the MDC Partners-owned shop in December.

The creative references today’s divisive culture to illustrate how a glass of milk can return everything to simplicity and normalcy.

The ad features a dad at home busy with his phone along with a noisy TV showing talking heads arguing on the TV with a graphic that reads, “A Nation Divided.” He changes the channel once his son enters to room and watches his child pour himself a bowl of cereal with milk, and begin giggling at the kid’s show. The dad then smiles and joins his son in a bowl of cereal with milk while watching cartoons. The film concludes with the words, “Pure milk, pure moments. Nothing else. DairyPure.”

In addition to this spot, the campaign includes a series of digital shorts that celebrate childhood innocence, with videos of kids blowing milk bubbles and other similar moments.

KBS’s strategy is meant to differentiate the dairy brand by showcasing its core product lineup rather than rely on humor or well-known personalities.

The overall intent connects the core product offering — milk and nothing else — to a strong and growing cultural and consumer desire to move away from things bringing stress and negativity to their lives and move towards things that bring more simplicity and authenticity, says Steve McCall, director, global business leadership, KBS.

Previously messaging had focused on functional benefits of milk and dairy products, such as nutritional claims and no GMOs. “We identified that no brand was standing out, connecting strongly with consumers as being different, or providing motivation for usage,” said McCall.

The media buy include TV and digital video, pre-roll – desktop and mobile, as well as social, in-store, digital banners.

Dean Foods spent $7.27 million advertising DairyPure last year, down from $13.52 million in 2016, according to Kantar Media.

from Media Post: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/317182/dairypure-reveals-first-campaign-from-new-agency-k.html


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  1. I found this commercial to be indicative of a problem today and that is parents being on technology rather than focusing on their children. Not only that but the child is learning the behavior demonstrated by his focus on technology….the television. The child seems to know that the father will not pay attention to him as the phone is more interesting and important. He focuses on the cartoon being played on the television. The father joins him in a bowl of cereal but there is still no direct connection between the father and son. It is quite telling that the television is mounted in the kitchen and playing during breakfast. Is this considered quality family time because both father and son are consuming cereal with ‘pure’ milk while watching television? The commercial speaks volumes and none of it has to do with milk!


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