HBO delivers pizza by drone to Twitter fans of “Silicon Valley”

What: A promotional stunt forSilicon Valley, involving free sky-pizza.

Who: HBO and emoji-based food delivery system Gofooji.

Why Fast Company cares: Years ago, Old Spice took Twitter interactivity to dizzying new heights by tweeting 180 separate customized commercials at users who’d mentioned the brand on the platform. It was weird. As much as the ambitious stunt blew some Twitterers’ minds, though, it didn’t fill their tummies. On Monday afternoon, HBO decided to reward fans for tweeting about Sunday night’s Silicon Valley premiere by drone-delivering free pizza to them. (We had to see it to believe it, too.) Before anyone gets too excited, the promotion is only for people who live in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It’s based on a plot thread from the premiere involving a pizza delivery startup called Sliceline. (The cleverness of this pun is debated in the episode.) Anyone who has some late afternoon munchies–or who just wants to see pizza fall from the sky like World War II rations–need only tweet the hashtag #sliceline and a pizza emoji in the near future to partake. Although a deadline hasn’t yet been announced, the promotion has been going on since 3 p.m., so you probably need to act soon before the last slice hits the skyline.

from Fast Company: