Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Appears in New Vegan Mild Ad Campaign

Greg is the star of Silk’s new ad campaign, which also features retired professional swimmer Michael Phelps.

As part of Silk’s campaign which celebrates progress as perfection, Olympic champion Michael Phelps appears, joining Greg in the pool by showing off and distracting from Greg’s morning laps. Silk is trying to put the message out there that it’s not realistic for all of us to be like Michael Phelps, but choosing almond milk and doing some exercise in the morning is a great step towards getting fitter and healthier!

We see a lot of extremes around food and healthy living these days, but that’s not real life for most people and Silk recognizes that’ claims Carlos Veraza, the President of Essential Dairy & Plant Based for DanoneWave ‘The message of the Progress is Perfection campaign is if you’re making choices that are just a little better, however you define ‘better’, then that is perfection.’

Ditching dairy and getting active can have a great impact on your health. Dairy products are very high in cholesterol and contain high levels of hormones, both of which contribute to a myriad of health problems.

So there’s no need to be the next Michael Phelps just to get healthy.

from Live Kindly: https://www.livekindly.co/michael-phelps-vegan-milk/

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