Owen Wilson Explains Oreos, Poorly, to the French in Farcical Campaign

Owen Wilson seemed to enjoy France the last time he was there. Now he’s back—and bringing an American staple, Oreo cookies, with him.

A new Oreo campaign in France, from Paris agency Buzzman, is about as goofy as it gets, featuring the actor serving as pitchman but getting all of his commercial lines ludicrously wrong. Because he can’t really speak French, get it?!

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Yes, it’s a bottom-feeding creative approach, but Wilson brings just enough of his charm to the proceedings that it’s not a completely wretched viewing experience. It’s both a quick paycheck, and a parody of a quick paycheck—and somewhat tolerable as a result.

The press release from Buzzman caps things off: “Feeling lost? Don’t panic! What’s to remember is that it’s delicious!”

from Ad Week: http://www.adweek.com/creativity/owen-wilson-explains-oreos-poorly-to-the-french-in-farcical-campaign/