Eater’s TV Chef & Media Personality of the Year: Nancy Silverton & Chrissy Teigen

Nancy Silverton deserves recognition for breaking the food documentary mold

Silverton’s style of cooking — accessible but brilliant, served outside of a tasting menu format — forced a welcome break from the show’s typical formula. There are no abstract forms or tweezer-food towers here, just rustic pizzas, salads, and vegetables, all composed and executed perfectly. Silverton’s restaurants are certainly hot spots, but they’re much more democratic than most Chef’s Table restaurants. You won’t have to save an entire paycheck and jump through a million hoops to dine at Silverton’s restaurants, and in a first for the show’s history, one (Mozza) even offers its food to-go.

nancy silverton screenchow

Silverton’s legacy — as one of the architects of California cuisine and the modern American bread movement — adds a layer of depth to this episode that you don’t always find on food TV. Certainly, many Angelenos know about Silverton’s hit pizzeria, or at least La Brea Bakery, whose products can be found in grocery stores throughout Southern California.


Chrissy Teigen’s feeds are a fresh, funny, and sometimes political chronicle of her charmed life and “anything goes” approach to food

Open Facebook, and there’s a racist, sexist, and/or homophobic meme shared by a relative or friend from high school. Scroll through Twitter, and the timeline is an endless stream of tweets regarding the latest powerful man to be outed as a sexual abuser and whatever is happening at the moment in Donald Trump’s upside-down circus. Switch over to Instagram, and it’s mostly fine, but, wow, that algorithm is awfully annoying. Who needs to see food pics from five days ago?

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Scan her timeline, and you’ll find a mix of funny, happy, and serious, but all of the tweets read like they’re from a regular human, not some mega-celebrity. She also loves food — cooking at home and dining out — and loves to tweet about it, just like us. She has good taste, but she isn’t a snob. She likes fancy restaurants and everyday chains, such as Outback Steakhouse, where she has been known to drop $1,000 in gratuity. Teigen isn’t just good at social media. She appears to be a good human, a celebrity who doesn’t use her societal status to be awful to people, but instead applies it toward good deeds.