Documentary Food Evolution Suggests That GMOs Are…Good?

There’s a food documentary new to Hulu as of last week, and if you think Food Evolution isn’t going to drive some people crazy, you’ve got another thing coming. Directed by Academy Award-nominee Scott Hamilton Kennedy, the film urges viewers to ditch gut instincts and base their GMO arguments on science and science alone. The term genetically modified organism, or GMO, has rapidly become one of the most vilified in the food industry, and Food Evolution wants to make sure you really know what you’re talking about before you go forth and spread knowledge.

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The film’s narrator, Neil Degrasse Tyson, is one of the most respected scientists of our generation. He asks of anti-GMO activists: “What if they got it wrong?” What if every accusation they’ve mounted against genetically modified foods was unfounded? Genetic modifications have, after all, been around for thousands of years — that extra-sweet Michigan corn you enjoy every summer is only distantly related to what the Menominee natives originally grew. Ditto kale that’s all leaf and no stem and big, round beefsteak tomatoes. One clear message from the film is to not blur the line between selective breeding, which is a form of genetic modification, and genetic engineering, which involves specific gene manipulations. And don’t paint genetic engineering as the enemy, either: it is unequivocally the future of countless branches of science.

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