Orbit Gum Saves You From Sticky Situations in Fun Ads From BBDO

A bank robbery—the felony du jour for all kinds of advertisers—is just one silly scenario posed by Wrigley’s Orbit Gum in its latest “Time to Shine” commercials from Energy BBDO and CLM BBDO.

All in all, it’s highly watchable, sitcom-y stuff, with quick-paced, cinematic direction from MJZ veteran Craig Gillespie that lets the gum-in-cheek quality shine through.

“We’re looking to reach a broad audience with these ads,” Johnson says. “I think people will see themselves in the work. Even the story lines of ‘Pants’ and ‘Lunch Money,’ which resonate strongly with millennials, will give other audiences a laugh.”

Read & watch more at AdWeek: http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/orbit-gum-saves-you-from-sticky-situations-in-fun-ads-from-bbdo/

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