• Burger King Trolls President Trump (1/16/2019)

    Today marks day 25 of the 2019 government shutdown, making it officially the longest in U.S. history. As the days add up, more people’s lives are being impacted, from government workers who aren’t getting paid to brewers waiting on the FDA to people waiting in long airport security lines due to short staffing at TSA checkpoints.


    As the shutdown continues on, more brands are using their social platforms to address some of these issues (and others like the impact the shutdown is having on national parks) or just troll President Trump (ahem, Burger King).

    Take a look below to see how brands are talking about the shutdown.

    Burger King

    Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers, winners of the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship, at the White House Monday night for an intimate, celebratory dinner. Due to the shutdown, Trump said on Twitter that he paid for the meal out of his own pocket. The dining options? All the best that Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s have to offer.

    He wrote, “Because of the Shutdown I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamberders etc,” and quickly got burned on Twitter for the typo. The president later deleted and reposted his tweet with the correct spelling. Still, Burger King wasn’t going to let him off the hook and tweeted this in response.

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  • Kraft to open grocery store to support government workers affected by shutdown (1/16/2019)

    Kraft is opening a grocery store pop-up in Washington, DC to support a program called ‘Kraft Now Pay Later’ that helps federal government workers during the government shutdown.


    An estimated 800,000 government workers, according to the New York Times, are impacted by the government shutdown and many in the Washington, DC area as the federal government is the largest employer. Many of the workers affected are parents who don’t need the added stress of feeding their families. Kraft is stepping in and helping them stock up on staples like Kraft Mac & Cheese, Kraft Natural Cheese, Kraft Singles, Kraft Salad Dressings, Kraft Mayo and Kraft BBQ for their dinner tables.

    The pop-up store will be open January 16 through January 20, 2019 at 1287 4th Street NE in DC, two blocks from Union Market. Current federal government workers holding their government ID will be able to shop and take home a bag full of Kraft products for their families. In return, Kraft asks workers (if they can) to pay it forward by donating to their charity of choice or someone in need once they are able to do so.

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  • Kinder surprised after toy makes accidental ‘KKK’ reference (1/14/2019)

    Kinder has apologized to alarmed parents after shipping a Kinder Egg toy that accidentally made a reference to the American fundamentalist hate group – the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).



    The Kinder Surprise mascot toy in question saw its anthropomorphic chocolate treat spark complaints with the reference to the hate group.

    Customers made some comparisons between the mascot and the group. They said the group’s ill-famed hood was atop the toy, others said that the hair could be mistaken for Donald Trump’s style. In addition to this, the toy is holding three balloons which spell out ‘KKK’.

    Concerned parents were quick to share their discontent with Kinder on social media. Responses on Twitter include: “make chocolate great again?” and “What’s Kinder’s surprise? Supporting the KKK?”

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  • Tazo Pokes Fun at Sedate and Serene Tea Ads in First Campaign From Vice’s Agency, Virtue (1/14/2019)

    Are naked men with full-body tattoos your cup of tea? How about death-rockers that tool around in hearses, or psychedelic music festivals with fire-breathing freaks?


    Such is the stuff of Tazo’s quirky new commercials, the brand’s first big push since being purchased by Unilever more than a year ago. Rolling out this week across video channels, social media and cinemas, the millennial-focused campaign, “Brew the Unexpected,” also marks Tazo’s debut collaboration with Virtue, the agency owned by Vice Media.

    “The campaign creative plays with cultural assumptions around a category frequently associated with cozy relaxation or meditation,” George Hamilton, marketing director at Unilever Teas, tells Adweek. “We wanted to show that Tazo isn’t that kind of tea.”

    To do so, Virtue crafted a series of 15-second sitcom-style spots with silly twist endings. In the first ad below, two friends engage in some “girl talk,” though you’ll have to watch until the end to get the full picture.

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  • Skittles’ Big Play on Super Bowl Sunday Will Be … an Actual Play (1/14/2019)

    Until recently, the toughest Broadway theater ticket to come by was Hamilton, the 2015 hip-hop musical celebrating the travails and triumphs of founding father Alexander Hamilton. These days, 300 bucks can land you a seat somewhere in the second mezzanine, and the frantic rush for tickets is over. So what’s New York’s next hot ticket going to be?


    Very possibly, a musical revue about a chewy fruit candy.

    Mars today announced it will stage a one-night-only musical themed around Skittles. “Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical” will debut (and close) on Sunday, Feb. 3, at The Town Hall on West 43rd Street.

    As the name and date suggest, the play will run in lieu of a Super Bowl ad. It will also mark the second year Skittles has turned its nose up at the biggest sporting event of the year.

    skittles_town_hall“Instead of running a 30-second ad in the game, we’re excited to be performing our first commercial as a musical,” Skittles brand director Debbie Litow told Adweek. The effort, she added, will be “uniquely Skittles and completely unpredictable in a way that only Skittles can do.”

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