The Ch’King Sandwich Is the King’s Worst Nightmare in BK’s New Ad

Will this cluckin’ nightmare end?!”

Acclaimed actor Paul Giamatti poses that question in his narration for Burger King’s latest wacky commercial. David Miami thrusts us into the fever dreams of the King himself, as he frets about the new Ch’King chicken sandwich.

“Oh no, did we just outdo the Whopper?” Giamatti asks, tongue oh-so-firmly in cheek, as the regent descends into a fowl maelstrom where BK diners cluck, dress like hens and chase him around in slow motion.

Maybe the King ate one of BK’s nightmare inducing sandwiches from a few years back, or nibbled on a moldy Whopper? At least clowns aren’t prowling his subconscious. Yet.

“It was interesting to go down memory lane and recast some of our favorite characters from past spots,” BK of North America vice president of marketing communications Richard Guest tells Muse. “We are so used to doing real unscripted reactions, but shooting this spot gave us a chance to have some fun with our own references and break our own rules a bit.”

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