New Podcast Details the Struggles of a Local Business During COVID-19 and Government Interactions

In November 2020, Woodchips BBQ of Downtown Lapeer, defied MDHHS orders and kept their dining room open during Michigan’s second lockdown. Patrick Hingst, owner and founder of the restaurant, is now sharing details of their story on a newly released podcast called Restaurant Revolution.

Restaurant Revolution is available on all major podcasting platforms and it gives an inside look of what it was like to run a small business in Michigan in 2020. It highlights the challenges the restaurant faced during the first lockdown, reopening the restaurant for the summer after the lockdown was lifted, then takes listeners through the decision to remain open during the “pause” and the consequences the restaurant faced for disobeying the orders.

“During the first lockdown, we followed the Governor’s edicts and we shut down. We saw how that devastated our team and our community;” Hingst says, “we couldn’t let that happen again, so we made the difficult decision to stay open when the second lockdown was announced. We are now telling our full story so that both our supporters and detractors can make a more informed opinion about our efforts and the government’s response.”

In addition to Patrick, listeners will hear from the restaurant’s lawyer and teammates detailing their experiences working with Patrick and Woodchips BBQ.

“I was happy to offer my services to Patrick because I was proud of the work he was doing. I was hoping more citizens would stand-up and make the case for freedom, but what really drew me to Patrick was his sincere interest in preserving his team’s livelihood and community spirit,” said Attorney Erik Reinhardt who is representing Woodchips BBQ in their administrative legal hearings. He continues, “now after witnessing the process for these legal proceedings, I have concerns about American values and the direction we are headed as a country.”

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