Popeyes Trolled McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich Launch Site by Buying Up Every Similar URL

Popeyes found the perfect way to troll McDonald’s on Thursday by offering free chicken sandwiches. On Thursday, McDonald’s launched a special site to grant a limited number of customers early access to their new chicken sandwiches. So Popeyes decided to buy up as many URLs as possible for people who might misspell the McDonald’s URL and offered their sandwiches for free.

McDonald’s is set to launch three new chicken sandwiches at locations across the country on Feb. 24. However, the company also launched CHCNDrop.com, where customers could snag a “capsule” for $5 at noon on Thursday. The package included a sweatshirt, a 7″ record with a new track by music producer Tay Keith, and a coupon that grants the customer access to the Crispy Chicken sandwich on Feb. 23, the day before they are available for everyone. The capsule quickly sold out.

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