Jolly Rancher’s New Pitchman Is an Actual (Tiny) Jolly Rancher

Who better to hoot and holler, cowboy style, about the tangy goodness of Hershey’s Jolly Ranchers than … an actual jolly rancher?

Erich & Kallman introduces such a shouty spokescharacter—who’s small enough to ride one of his namesake hard candies—in spots breaking this week across digital and social channels.

Saddle up and sample the rootin’ tootin’ work below. Yeehaw!

Dummy Films director Harold Einstein delivers the self-consciousness silliness at maximum volume, and the work channels vibes from notable campaigns of yore. It boasts the Wild West ethos of Pace Picante commercials, with a strong dose of Skittles/Slim Jim lunacy. There’s also something of the subversive feel of “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” which seems apt, as E&K creative chief and co-founder Eric Kallman helped create that game-changer for Old Spice a decade ago.

The campaign also continues a recent trend of literally cutting brand characters down to size, with Jim Cody Williams as the Jolly Rancher.

“We went with Jim because we knew the character was going to be tiny, so we needed someone whose voice, movements and facial expressions would break through and stand out if they were only 1 inch tall,” Kallman says. “Jim brought a loud, animated, lovable character to life.”

And the veteran actor worked hard to win the role.

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