The Balas Brothers celebrate YEAR ONE with beer, boozy seltzer, and one giant grilling fork.

2020 has been an unequivocally wild rollercoaster of a year.

However, it’s this sort of professional and personal turbulence that The Balas Brothers are destined to thrive in. Approaching their collaborators with equal parts empathy and forward-thinking, The Balas Brothers function as a food + beverage centric creative video team, with work that spans the globe and creative zeitgeist. Though the team is made up of two real-life brothers and a business partner, who have been collaborating together for over a decade, they are celebrating YEAR ONE as an official business, with a fun look at the year they’ve had: ​

The Balas Brothers began their business in the back patio of a coffee shop in Long Island City before setting up their HQ in July at a historically restored old public school building in the Hudson Valley. While the brothers shoot and edit from their giant, beautifully-lit studio in Hudson, NY their executive producer Craig Dacey, runs the biz dev side of things from his office in Long Island. Mr. Dacey jokes “I get up to our Hudson headquarters, a handful times of times a month, to make sure the boys are behaving themselves and not eating and drinking all of the shoot product…especially after the work we just did for a beer brand that we all admittedly LOVE.

The Balas Brothers remind us – that they are primarily a remote shop, working directly with brands in a safe and efficient manner that thrives in the current culture and future proofs their production style.

Though they are focused on building a bridge direct to brands, The Balas Brother’s also love to work with their agency friends in NYC and beyond. Their authentic and often comedic energy recently came in very handy with a campaign they did with the award-winning Walrus agency.

“We were pitched the project by a producer friend of ours at Walrus…” says Director Ryan Balas, “whose work we LOVE and they knew that we could easily handle a remote shoot and deliver on their super fun creative. When they decided to add a ‘grandma’ character to a shot of an extra-long grilling fork, we didn’t even bat an eye. We live for these kind of creative curveballs. Give us your craziest ideas and we promise to push the work as far as it needs to go.”

Alec Balas, co-director and lead editor, adds “When our friends at War Room Cellars, a major up and coming player in the premium wine game, came to us with some ideas for their Bubble Butt Rose’ Seltzer, our brains were firing off on all cylinders. Our work is always highly collaborative and we just loved the super good energy that the War Room crew brought to the table”.

The Balas Brothers are celebrating their first year as a business, polishing a yet-to-be-announced campaign with a large beer brand. Year Two promises to bring The Balas Brothers up to a whole new league. Ryan says “We are as good as any shop in NYC and we are definitely having more fun than anyone, doing what we love”.

The Balas Brothers​ ​is a food and beverage centric video production company based in NYC and The Hudson Valley, creating super cinematic tabletop video experiences for some of the world’s coolest brands.

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