OK, who laid a finger on that Butterfinger?

Was it the boyfriend? Or maybe Grandma stooped to stealing the crispety crunchety peanut-buttery treat? Which one has … sticky fingers?

Never fear. Amir Arison (from NBC’s The Blacklist) and Alexandria Benford are on the case as silly sleuths Hugh Dunnit and Ali Byes, who specialize in tracking down Butterfinger thieves.

Hugh Dunnit. Subtle.

Police parody, candy capering and undercover antics ensue in the amusing five-minute film below from Piro, whose co-founder and executive creative director Tim Piper wrote and directed the campaign.

And remember, as Butterfinger Investigator Arison breathlessly explains, “It’s always who you never expect.” (That’s just one of several twisty quips he delivers sotto voce in mock deadpan style.)

Read more at The Muse: https://musebycl.io/advertising/these-butterfinger-cops-find-out-just-who-laid-finger-them

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