DNA Seattle’s latest animated campaign for Rainier Beer gives off serious 80’s vibes.

-DNA Seattle teamed up with Augenblick Studios to go for an animated approach in its latest campaign for regional staple Rainier Beer featuring a Beerbarian character giving off serious 80s cartoon vibes.

“Our style of animation lets us build out the characters, starting with our Barbeerian who looks like he came out of a fantasy novel with his cartoonishly-ripped abs and a huge bottle cap chest plate,”Augenblick Studios creative director Devin Clark, who also directed the ads, said in a statement. “There is also a lot of campy humor that comes from the script we got from DNA that captured our imagination. We had a lot of fun packing in the frames with fun jokes and giving viewers treasures to find.”

from AgencySpy: https://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/friday-stir-28/168010/