VaynerMedia pairs Peanut Jr. with Natty Light

Peanut Jr.— a.k.a the former Baby Nut—is apparently into cheap beer. Planters today unveiled a limited edition run of beer-flavored peanuts co-branded with Natural Light as part of its marketing stunt surrounding the rapidly aging spokesnut.

We should have seen this one coming: Natural Light is an economy beer brand owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, which like Planters owner Kraft Heinz has ties to Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital.

The Planters-Natural Light collaboration was the brainchild of VaynerMedia, and is part of a wider bid to hype the spokesnut reaching the legal drinking age in America. 

This comes after Baby Nut, who was introduced in February during Planters’ controversial Super Bowl ad, morphed into Peanut Jr. earlier this month as a way to connect with consumers whose birthdays have gone by with little to no fanfare due to COVID-19 quarantine measures.

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