Jack in the Box gamifies Spotify ads to give listeners a chance to win tacos

Jack in the Box is leveraging Spotify’s popularity as an audio streaming service to engage users with a gamified advertising campaign.

Gamified content can help brands focus consumer attention on a brand-safe experience that’s entertaining and creates a stronger emotional bond than a traditional ad placement. The effort could also help to identify which Spotify listeners are most likely to be loyal customers of Jack in the Box as they answer trivia and save its music playlist to their libraries, which may be useful for targeting future campaigns. 

By running a campaign on Spotify, Jack in the Box can target consumers who listen to its free, ad-supported tier. Spotify’s ad-supported audience grew 31% to 163 million monthly average users in the second quarter from a year earlier, with 26% of those users residing in North America where Jack in the Box operates. Spotify has offered dynamic ad insertions on its music platform for several years, and this year introduced streaming ad insertion for podcasts to help marketers target listeners of its growing library of non-music content.

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