A Bit More Lurpak-y, Please – Open Letter to Dan and Ray, by Chuck Studio’s Olaf Van Gerwen

Dear Dan Norris and Ray Shaughnessy,

As the creators of what Lurpak has put on screen over the past nine years, both of you are behind some of the most cinematic work food advertising has ever seen. We, the food directors of the world, would (cough) like to thank you (cough) wholeheartedly (cough).

You’ve basically ruined it for us.

From the moment we hear the first pizzicato chords of Lurpak’s iconic ‘Weave your Magic‘ commercial play, we all cringe: Here we go again… You and your team have produced such a signature piece of work in food depiction that, to date, we unashamedly receive your Lurpak ads as a reference for nearly every food project, no matter how beige or boring.

I’ve heard it used as a verb – can you Lurpak it up a bit? – and as an adjective – a bit more Lurpak-y, please.

Usually, the project has neither the strategy, creative, or the budget to come close. Agencies and brands ask us to mimic the shots, the angles, the lighting, the movement, the wow. A copy of a copy of a copy is usually the result, and I plea guilty.

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Excerpt taken from No Relation News: https://www.norelation.nyc/news-1/2020/7/27/a-bit-more-lurpak-y-please-open-letter-to-dan-amp-ray-by-chuck-studios-olaf-van-gerwen