Vita Coco Pays Homage to Bodegas Hit Hard by the Pandemic

Several months into the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are still shuttered, towns are still partially locked down and though thousands of people have recovered, many more are still becoming critically ill.

New York City, one of the U.S. cities severely impacted by Covid-19, is not “back to normal” yet, and while bodegas are considered as emblematic of New York City symbols such as a yellow cab or the Empire State Building, owners are still struggling to keep bodegas afloat amid the health crisis due to significantly less foot traffic in the city.

Vita Coco, the coconut water brand that was founded in New York City in 2004 by Michael Kirban and Ira Liran, has been benefiting from consumers stocking up on healthy pantry items. Allison Finazzo, senior brand director at Vita Coco, told Adweek the company felt “uneasy” watching their sales grow when so many other business owners—particularly bodega owners—were hurting.

When they first started Vita Coco, Kirban and Liran would strap on their rollerblades to sell coconut water to bodega owners, so the two still consider bodegas to be unequivocally intrinsic to the brand’s amplification. Because of that, Vita Coco decided to pivot the media from a summer campaign to shed light on why it loves bodegas and why it will be there to support them when the tide turns, Finazzo said.

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