Cheez-It and Amazon Prime Will Give You $5 to Watch Men on TV

As most of us know far too well, snacking and streaming go hand-in-hand. To capitalize on this reality, Amazon Prime and Cheez-It have partnered up to reward viewers with coupons for streaming a set amount of themed content each month.

The new, first-of-its-kind campaign promises users a $5 Cheez-It coupon for watching a certain amount of themed Amazon Prime content within the month. To enroll in the promotion, viewers must have an Amazon Prime account and register to take part. Users will score the coupon only after they’re finished watching a certain amount of designated content by the end of the month.

Each month will have a different theme, and the amount of content required to meet the threshold will vary based on the theme, according to Jeff Delonis, senior director of marketing for Cheez-It. “This is the perfect opportunity to reward consumers for behaviors they are already exhibiting,” he said.

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