A Guide to NYC Restaurants Now Selling Groceries

One of the more interesting aspects of the current crisis is the morphing of restaurants into institutions that do so much more, selling seasoning mixesdelivering cocktails and bottles of wine — and using their foodstuff sources to become de facto grocery stores. Yes, sometimes the groceries closely resemble the ones they once used to make our meals, but they have also sometimes used their connections with wholesalers and farmers to offer a wider variety of high quality products.

Some restaurants are delivering produce and other groceries, including in weekly installments, while others offer contactless pickup for locals living in the neighborhood. The selection at these restaurants are largely more limited than local grocery stores, but for those struggling to get delivery times from bigger players, it’s both a possible alternative and a way to support a beloved local restaurant.

Here’s a guide to some of the restaurants now offering produce and other groceries. Warning: Demand is high right now for grocery delivery across the city, so lengthier delivery times and changes to the offerings may occur. For more information on how to get groceries now, see Eater’s bigger guide on current options.

Read more at Eater.com: https://ny.eater.com/2020/4/13/21218942/nyc-groceries-delivery-restaurant-coronavirus