Meet the Front-Line Workers of NYC’s Food Supply Chain

Even ghost kitchens in a ghost town need supplies.

New York City’s restaurant supply chain continues to chug along, even with drastic cuts in business and restrictions amid a stay-at-home order to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Deemed by the state as having “essential” workers, many industries — hospitals, law enforcement, and restaurants — are exempt from shutting down, and operators are retaining skeleton crews to do delivery and takeout. The entire infrastructure is run by workers who put their health at risk every day to make sure the city’s food supply continues flowing unabated.

To see all the people who continue to work in food as New York becomes the epicenter of the pandemic, Eater tracked a dish from Taiwanese restaurant Ho Foods in the East Village — starting from when it’s just a bunch of raw products sitting in a warehouse, all the way until it’s a finished meal delivered to its consumer. Every person that crossed paths with the food has some fears about COVID-19, but throughout the supply chain, people demonstrated resolve and determination to do what the government has deemed to be an essential job.

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