Why Lizzo Is Eating Cheetos in Her Latest Music Video (Hint: AI Is Involved)

Consumers wake themselves up with TikTok, stream Billie Eilish’s newest music video while they wait for the train, watch their favorite YouTubers during lunch and then finish off the day with a broadcast of their favorite sports team.

The numbers behind all of this content consumption are astounding. Between them, Netflix, Amazon and HBO have 215 million U.S. subscribers and 6.2 billion available impressions, according to their own reporting. That doesn’t even take into account social streaming services like YouTube and TikTok, which report having 2 billion and 800 million monthly users respectively. 

You can’t afford to not capitalize on all these tuned-in eyeballs. But sorting through the billions of hours of content to find the shows and influencers that can make a difference with your target audience is next to impossible. 

Even if you could sift through all of the content to figure out where you should buy ad space, your target audience will likely find a way to block or avoid your message. According to GlobalWebIndex, 47% of global internet users use an ad-blocker and 29% avoid video ads on TV and online. 

As the entertainment landscape has grown more complex, so have the tools—like artificial intelligence (AI) systems—that make sense of it. AI has the power to navigate the massive array of content and influencers to choose the moments and people that can connect your brand with the right audiences, predict results to cut waste and find ways to optimize activations and campaigns. 

Excited? You should be. Not sure where to start? We have you covered. Keep scrolling for a dive into four brands that have successfully navigated the entertainment landscape with the help of AI. 

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