The Balas Brothers Can’t Cook!

The Balas Brothers is a food-centric video production company based in NYC creating mouth-watering food porn and luscious tabletop video experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands. One caveat, The Balas Brothers Can’t Cook! But… their cool food friends can. In their new pilot appropriately titled​, ‘The Balas​ ​Brothers Can’t Cook’​, the brothers bring their punk rock DIY-approach to the traditional cooking show. A cooking show cooking show?! How Meta is that?

In this premiere episode, The brothers enlist their executive producer Craig Dacey, to teach them how to make his Mom’s Italian meatballs. What ensues is truly a family affair. ​The Balas Brothers Can’t Cook ​is a one-part meta television documentary and one-part classic cooking show with a healthy dash of Ryan and Alec’s signature, beautiful artistically shot food, aka – Food Porn.

The real-life brothers have an authentic comedic charm that is elevated by the high energy, against-the-grain vibe of their new show. Mr. Dacey said “We have been shopping the pilot around since the late fall with a ton of bites, but nothing locked in yet. And to be honest, the boys, with their DIY attitudes, got a little bored cutting through the red tape of development. We decided to use this uncertain time to bring some laughs to the table”. We imagine this is also a strategic way to gauge audience interest, entice development executives and get on the radar of brands, trying to stand out from the crowd.

Ryan Balas says “With all that’s been going on in the world, we felt a sudden sense of urgency to share this special project. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we want everyone to know how to make Craig’s mom’s meatballs…its punk as f*ck”. Additionally he added “As our show grows, we want to make sure our table has a chair for everyone and we will work hard to make sure our guests don’t always look just like us”.

With the all-consuming threat of COVID-19, commercial production is basically at a standstill, indefinitely. Everyone is shut down and brands are rethinking their strategies. Alec Balas commented, “All our jobs are either postponed or canceled and as independent filmmakers first and foremost, we are positioned perfectly to press forward and create radical videos and we hope our audience, friends in the industry, and folks reading this article, will help us rally.” The pilot episode of ​“The Balas Brothers Can’t Cook”​ is now available to view on Youtube, Vimeo, IGTV and ​​!