Boston Pizza Introduces The Carolling Christmas Pizza

Toronto agency john st. created a caroling pizza box to promote Boston Pizza’s The Christmas Pizza, which is described as a “turkey dinner on a pizza” 

Chorus of the Pizza describes exactly what a Christmas pizza is:

It’s a turkey dinner on a pizza.

Pizza underneath a turkey dinner.

It also lists the ingredients:

Cranberry sauce.

Gravy on top.

Turkey as well.

And also cheese.

Why is there cheese?

Cause we love cheese.

“The Christmas Pizza is a remix of a Christmas classic. What better way to promote it than by remixing another Christmas classic?” Said Adrian Fuoco, senior director of marketing for Boston Pizza.

“Christmas is kind of stressful for a lot of people so we thought it would be nice to have some fun with the pizza, and the advertising at the same time,” adds Angus Tucker, chief creative officer at john st., the agency who worked on the campaign. “And we think this work is almost as fun as the pizza.”

The pizza will be available at all Boston Pizzas across Canada and the limited edition carolling box will be sent to a few lucky customers starting November 13th.

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