Unhinged Talking Fruit Stars in Surprisingly Dark Ads for Stash Tea

Stash Tea is known for its crazy flavor combinations. And now, thanks to agency Phenomenon L.A., it may become known for its crazy ads, too. 

The brand just launched “A Little Bag of Crazy,” a new campaign running across social media and on Hulu that features talking ingredients having bizarre, often dark conversations about themselves and the tea they inhabit. 

There are more than 20 videos altogether, along with GIFs and other social assets. All production and post-production was done in-house by Phenomenon. The characters include a blind pomegranate, a ponytailed lemon, a mildly perverted ginger root and a pop group of Asian Pears. 

“This campaign is what happens when you combine a brave client determined to make category-breaking work, and a passionate creative team determined to put googly eyes on fruit,” says Linda Knight, Phenomenon’s chief creative officer. “As something we created and produced entirely in-house, part of Phenomenon’s full-service offering, it’s a campaign that is very close to our googly-eyed hearts.” 

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