Rice Krispies Found a Sweet Way to Comfort Autistic Children on the First Day of School

The first day of school is marked by a certain duality. On one hand, there’s something inherently exciting about the idea of a clean slate, letting you move forward without the burdens from the previous year. But on the other hand, heading to school can feel extremely overwhelming for some students, whether it’s a return or their first foray into a classroom setting.

A strong support system is key no matter how a student processes back-to-school season. For children on the autism spectrum, that support can look and literally feel a little different.


For the one in 59 children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, school and other public places may feel like a sensory overload. And while an “I love you” note from a parent might be enough to comfort most kids, some children on the autism spectrum are comforted in different ways, such as by touching a favorite texture.

With that in mind, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats has partnered with Autism Speaks to create Love Notes: textured, heart-shaped sensory stickers designed to provide comfort to children who respond positively to tactile experiences.

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