Having tapped into ASMR with its Zoe Kravitz ad on the Super Bowl, Michelob Ultra gets back to nature once again for its Pure Gold brew—this time by drafting off a fitness trend called Animal Flow. 


Animal flow, endorsed by such fit celebs as Jennifer Aniston, involves “quadrupedal and ground-based movement” exercises—basically, acting like an animal. In the cinematic Michelob Ultra spot from FCB Chicago, urbanites stuck in monotonous lives suddenly go wild—crawling and knuckle-dragging their way out of the cityscape and into the country, where they can enjoy their organic beer in peace. 

The spot, which has a bit of the vibe of PlayStation “Mountain,” will air on Sunday during the Academy Awards pre-show. The AB InBev brand says it’s continuing to find new ways to connect to consumers who live a wellness-driven lifestyle is a priority. 

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