How The Wonderful Company Created a Wine Brand for Millennial Rosé Lovers in Under a Year

Little about The Wonderful Company’s new wine brand is practical. Brought from conception to market in less than a year, the JNSQ brand recently came on the market with a line of rosé and sauvignon blanc—in the middle of winter. The ornate packaging was inspired by vintage luxury perfume bottles, created by a French glass designer and features resealable glass stoppers for reusability.


Armed with the insight that preferences among millennial wine drinkers, and millennial women in particular, had shifted toward rosé and sauvignon blanc, marketers at The Wonderful Company—best-known for Fiji Water and Pistachios—decided to create a new wine brand: JNSQ.

The new brand was designed to sit somewhere between lower tier brands and more expensive options, with an eye-grabbing bottle designed with reusability in mind. JNSQ Rosé Cru and JNSQ Sauvignon Blanc are made with grapes from the Central Coast region and created “in the classic French style,” according to a release.

“Millennial women and older Gen Z’ers are bringing back an appreciation for quality, craftsmanship and functional beauty,” The Wonderful Company co-owner Lynda Resnick said in a statement. “JNSQ was created specifically for these women and the milestones they are celebrating in their blossoming and exhilarating lives. It’s a wine made with that same shared quality of je ne sais quoi that makes each of these ladies unique, memorable and unstoppable.”

JNSQ Rosé Cru and JNSQ Sauvignon Blanc made their debut alongside the Fall/Winter 2019 collection from California-born designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, who brought their show to Los Angeles (instead of New York Fashion Week) on Feb. 5.

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