Tostitos To Live-Stream Tortilla Chip Bowl From SBLIII For 53 Hours

They may not be getting a Super Bowl ad this year, but Tostitos will be getting plenty of camera time.


The PepsiCo brand will go for the unofficial record for a live stream of a tortilla chip bowl, set out in the brand’s cantina at the game in Atlanta.

A live stream camera will focus on the bowl for 53 hours, from 1:29 pm ET on February 1 to 6:29 pm on Game Day, February 3.


“This might be the most exciting thing to hit the Super Bowl marketing scene in a decade, maybe ever…or maybe not at all,” said Sheldon Boyea, senior director of marketing, Tostitos, the Super Bowl’s official chip and dip sponsor.

Droll commentary aside, the brand offers hope of at least a few moments of interest, courtesy of appearances by current and former NFL stars, including Barry Sanders, Dak Prescott, Matt Ryan, Baker Mayfield and Tony Gonzalez.

Also, fans watching the action will be able to request the chip flavors used to refill the bowl.

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