Energy BBDO, Avocados From Mexico preview pups ad

Avocados From Mexico (AFM) announced in November that it would be back with its fifth consecutive Super Bowl ad this year.


Now, the brand has revealed that the 30-second ad, which will run during the game’s second quarter, will feature Broadway and TV star Kristin Chenoweth.

AFM’s just-released teaser video (below) shows Chenoweth coaching a “chorus” of willing but vocally challenged pooches. The singer/actor will also be featured in other AFM brand content around the game.

The brand’s previous four Super Bowl ads, from GSD&M, stressed the year-round availability of avocados grown in Mexico (2015’s “First Draft Pick Ever” and 2017’s “Avocados in Space”), the fruit’s health benefits (2016’s “Secret Society”) and its versatility (last year’s “Guacworld”).

Having conveyed those benefits, this year’s ad — from Energy BBDO, chosen as AFM’s lead creative agency last year — will offer an umbrella message: Avocados from Mexico are “Always Worth It,” the brand reports.

That message is being backed by an online survey geared to showing the lengths to which people will go to get avocados — including a finding that consumers are willing to pay about $2 extra to add avocados to their meals.

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