Watch a Depressed Alexa Knockoff Star in Pringles’ Upcoming Super Bowl Ad

In advance of Super Bowl LIII, Pringles has released three teaser videos of the spot it plans to air in the second quarter of the game. The ad will star an Alexa-like personal digital assistant that is heartbroken over the fact that it cannot taste Pringles.


Like last year’s effort (Pringles’ first commercial foray into the game), this year’s spot will be themed around “Flavor Stacking,” the practice of combining two or more varieties of Pringles to create whatever flavor the consumer desires.

Introducing the concept in 2018 was comedian Bill Hader who, with the help of two daffy assistants, created “Jalapeno Barbecue Pizza” by sandwiching three chips with those respective flavors.

Speculation over what celebrity may star in this year’s ad may have been laid to rest with the appearance of an Alexa-like device that volunteers its lament over the fact that Pringles are a delight that only homo sapiens can enjoy. Clearly, the viewer is supposed to feel bad for the robot.

“This year’s ad imagines the extreme sadness one would feel if they couldn’t enjoy the taste of Pringles,” Pringles vice president of marking AnneMarie Suarez-Davis explained in a statement.

Of course, a digital assistant can’t really feel true sadness either, but suspension of disbelief seems key to enjoying this effort.

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