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Celestial Seasonings, a tea brand that has been part of consumers’ lives since 1969, is looking for a new spin with Laundry Service.

The agency begins working with Celestial Seasonings following an internally run review in which it was awarded digital media, social strategy, creative, content creation, community management, and media buying for the company. R/GA Chicago previously worked on the business. Representatives from R/GA were not immediately available for comment.

Celestial Seasonings Vice President of Marketing Tim Collins told Ad Age that the brand decided to work with Laundry Service on its digital-first marketing strategy because of the shop’s “sophisticated approach to content.” He says that Laundry Service is able to create content with unique messages for specific audiences along different paths to purchase.

Amy Hellickson, global managing director of Laundry Service, says that the agency is looking to increase brand awareness for Celestial Seasonings. The company is in a commodity-based industry, so it can be a challenge to get people to choose one type of tea brand over another on a grocery store shelf.

Laundry Service is working with Celestial Seasonings to better connect with consumers by sharing the brand’s identity and stories, such as the fact that it doesn’t use paper tabs with strings on the end of teabags in order generate less garbage in the environment.

While the target demographic is mainly female, the age range is vast and can include anyone 18 years and older, says Hellickson. She says the agency is also looking to engage new audiences, such as organic food lovers or people who use teabags for art.

Retail sales of tea in the U.S. are closing in on $9 billion for the first time, according to a report released at the end of 2016 by market research firm Packaged Facts.

from Ad Age:

This Super Bowl, Sunday, Feb 4th Pringles brand is debuting its first-ever television advertisement during the big game. Pringles®, known for its bold flavors, playful nature and endless stacking possibilities, will be showcasing “Flavor Stacking.” Bill Hader stars in the ad, bringing the laughs and showing fans that eye-opening moment when you discover the phenomenon that is “Flavor Stacking.”

bill hader pringles adweek screenchow

Due to their unique shape, Pringles crisps are perfect for stacking, leading to approximately 267,720 unique flavor stacks. To create a flavor stack, all fans need to do is grab a few of their favorite Pringles flavors, stack them and take a bite. Check out these flavor stack samples:

  • Pringles Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Stack
    • Flavors Required: BaconLoaded Baked Potato & Jalapeño
  • Pringles Pico De Gallo Stack
    • Flavors Required: Extra HotJalapeño & Loud Fiery Chili Lime
  • Pringles No Mess Chicken Wings Stack:
    • Flavors Required: BBQ, Buffalo Ranch, Ranch

“Fans are already familiar with Pringles‘ wide variety of flavors, but we want to show them how stacking their favorite flavors can ‘wow’ their taste buds in a whole new way,” said Yuvraj Arora, senior vice president of marketing for Kellogg’s U.S. Snacks division. “Since most people’s reaction to flavor stacking is ‘wow,’ we brought on the one person who could bring endless faces and reactions to that one word. Plus, Pringles is known for steering clear of conformity and being a playful instigator, two attributes embodied perfectly by Bill Hader.”

Grey NY, Pringles‘ Advertising Agency of Record, came up with the idea of flavor stacking when sitting around the office eating Pringles potato crisps. When it dawned on them that you could create new flavors by stacking them, they took this seemingly small discovery and made it a big moment.

The team brought in Bill Hader and Documentary Now! Director Rhys Thomas to star in and direct the ad. Thomas and Hader first met when Rhys was directing and producing shorts for SNL. They have a history of working together to create some of the best laughs on TV. This successful working relationship has created a witty and comical ad focusing on “Flavor Stacking”.

“I’m excited to be working with Pringles. I had no idea you could stack them until this experience,” said Bill Hader.

The :30 ad will air during the second quarter and will be seen nationally on TV, online streaming versions of the game and for those watching on Telemundo. The full ad can also be seen beginning Jan 25th on YouTube. The ad will be supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign including PR, digital and social media.

from PR NewsWire:

Tostitos is helping you make your own party invite for the Super Bowl this year–in the style of a Super Bowl ad.

With “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actor Alfonso Ribeiro aka Carlton playing host, the brand is encouraging people to go online and use its digital invite creator to make their own personalized party invitation. Users must enter their name, location and the start time of the party and the tool generates an invite featuring various Super Bowl ad themes, including talking babies, miniature ponies, French bulldogs and feisty old ladies and more–punctuated with Ribeiro’s famous “Carlton dance,” which somehow doesn’t have the charm of the classic GIF.

tostitos superbowl ad screenchow

If you like how the ad turns out, you can share it–or ask for a remix if you don’t. Tostitos’ agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, was behind the idea.

“Tostitos has always been about getting people together for the Super Bowl,” says Pat O’Toole, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America, in a statement. “The Super Bowl is about so much more than the game itself. People love watching the ads, so this year we wanted to give people the opportunity to create personalized ads for their Super Bowl parties.”

from Creativity-Online:

Fiji’s signature square water bottles have become a staple at A-list events like the Golden Globes and SAG Awards in recent years, with celebrities like Steve Carrell and Jennifer Lopez taking time out of their red carpet photo ops to sip on the brand’s H2O.

Fiji Water One Sip Forward The Drum Screenchow

It’s no coincidence. Fiji has become the “official water” of a number of awards shows over the last 10 years in an attempt to position itself as the water of choice among Hollywood’s elite.

But ahead of this year’s awards season, Fiji knew things wouldn’t be business as usual. With conversations around #MeToo dominating headlines and spurring the subsequent #TimesUp movement, an initiative penned by stars including Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria to fight sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and beyond, the premium water brand wanted to use its red carpet presence to show its support of women.

In the weeks leading up to the Golden Globes, the first major Hollywood awards show of the year, Fiji brainstormed how exactly it would go about this. The brand was wary of injecting itself into the #MeToo discussion, a place where a voice from corporate America might not be wholly welcomed. Darren Moran, chief creative officer at the in-house agency for Fiji’s parent company, The Wonderful Company, says he felt it was inappropriate for Fiji to be part of that conversation.

“We didn’t want it to be #UsToo, if you will,” he explains. “Quite frankly, it didn’t feel like we had the right role for that part of the discussion. A lot of brands insert themselves into conversations that they shouldn’t be or in a way they shouldn’t be, and they suffer for it, rightfully so.”

Instead, the brand decided to do something that would help women who work in entertainment achieve their goals and break through in an industry heavily dominated by men. Moran and his team landed on the idea of partnering with the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women, a hands-on training program committed to increasing the number of women working professionally in screen directing.

In partnership, Fiji has pledged to donate up to $100,000 this awards season to female directors who are participating in the workshop. Each time a celeb poses for a red carpet with a bottle of Fiji water, the brand will donate $1,000 to the cause. The activity has been dubbed ‘One Sip Forward.’

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