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Picture this—you want to take a killer selfie, but you’re already enjoying a delicious and juicy burger, and you have a serious case of ketchup fingers. Don’t worry—McDonald’s has a solution to this timeless problem, just in time for National Selfie Day, this Thursday, June 21.

frylus mcdonalds

Cue the “Frylus.” It’s a handy stylus in the shape of a French fry, and it’s here to help you take your burger selfie game to the next level, while keeping your precious smartphone screen pristine and clean (because, after all, you’re a person, not an animal).

The brand is hyping its invention with a wonderfully melodramatic, snarkily artsy 60-second trailer for the product that might just sell you on the idea. The spot features Instagram persona and faux-Kardashian brother, Kirby Jenner, as the new Frylus spokesperson, and reads as much as a send-up of pretentious fashion advertising as it does a goofy promo for another piece of plastic the world surely doesn’t need.

To be fair, the fast food chain is using to the Frylus to promote its “100% Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder,” which is supposedly hotter and juicier than its predecessors—meaning the tool should be particularly helpful to anyone who might be enjoying the new patty.(McDonald’s will be giving away 100,000 of the french fry tools on Thursday, at more than 2,000 locations. (You can find them all here.)

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The United Nations’ World Food Program kicked off a global campaign June 19 aimed at reaching the public through a 60-second cinema spot that will air in more than 25 countries starting in September.

“There are 815 million people worldwide who will go to bed hungry tonight – who are starving, on the edge of dying,” said Corinne Woods, chief marketing officer of the WFP. “We have to reach those people and we need $9 billion a year to reach them.”

She added that 98 percent of the WFP’s funding is from the government. “We need consumers. We need the public to know us,” said Woods, which is where the idea came from for a global cinema campaign.

The “Feed Our Future” ad, which was written and directed by Sir John Hegarty’s The Garage Soho, premiered at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in partnership with SAWA, the Global Cinema Advertising Association.

Rather than featuring images of starving children, the ad focuses on “the potential we lose when a child dies or is malnourished,” said Woods. When she was in Congo recently, Woods said a 12-year-old boy, who looked six due to undernourishment, told her that he wants to be a footballer someday. “He’s not going to be a footballer, and his friend isn’t going to be a doctor – we’re losing potential,” she said.

Hegarty said that pulling at the heartstrings works, but “we’re overwhelmed by that appeal” and the WFP wanted to go in a different direction and bring everybody into this global problem. “This affects us all – it’s not just the poor children in Africa,” he said.

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Kiip, a leading mobile marketing and monetization platform, and Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, announced that they have successfully launched the first-ever blockchain mobile ad campaign.

This is a significant innovation for two reasons: it makes brand content more relevant to consumers and is a tremendous advance in fostering transparency within the mobile ad supply chain. The campaign is built around Kiip’s moments-targeting technology, which is being leveraged by AB InBev to break free of traditional interruptive advertising techniques to better connect with consumers in engaging, meaningful ways.


“We’re building a company to last for the next 100 plus years and that can only be done by disrupting existing paradigms through innovation and putting consumers at the heart of everything we do,” said Lucas Herscovici, AB InBev’s Global Marketing Vice President of Consumer Connections, Insights and Innovation.

“As the world’s largest brewer and brand builders, we take our responsibility for the stewardship of the category seriously through our approach to advertising and the ways we create meaningful experiences for consumers with our brand content. This campaign will increase transparency in programmatic ad buying and support the ways our brands earn consumers attention.”

AB InBev’s campaign — featuring the Bud LightBudweiserMichelob UltraEstrella JaliscoStella Artois, and Bud Light Lime-a-Rita brands — uses Kiip’s unique ad targeting capabilities to move toward an earned and owned mobile media strategy that relies on data to target and deliver content to the right audiences, while moving away from the historic model focused on interrupting consumers.

The campaign uses nascent technology, in the form of Kiip’s new “Single Ledger” blockchain product, to address fundamental issues, such as mobile ad fraud. Single Ledger enables all players in mobile ad sales chain to view and audit campaign data directly.

The technology allows for simple and clear reconciliation of campaign performance data among all parties, eliminating potential for fraudulent reporting by third parties and ad servers, and streamlining what has historically been a painful, laborious reporting and payment process.

In addition, Kiip’s Single Ledger helps AB InBev deliver on its commitment to ensuring every ad dollar is well spent on establishing meaningful connections with consumers in moments that matter, and at the times they are most likely looking to engage with AB InBev’s brands.

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New show No Passport Required, produced by Eater for PBS, airs every Tuesday from July 10 to August 14. Hosted by renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson, each episode dives into a different immigrant food culture in six cities — from Detroit to Miami — across the United States. Through food, Samuelsson hopes to share stories of American culture and how immigrant traditions have influenced the way we all eat today.

In episode one, Samuelsson goes to Detroit and Dearborn to learn about the diverse Middle Eastern community in the area and how it’s influenced the surrounding region. Then, in New Orleans, he talks to multiple generations of Vietnamese chefs about their culinary contributions to the city, and how these food traditions have truly become a part of the multicultural city.

In New York, he’s shown how the Indo-Guyanese culture thrives in a small enclave of Queens, and how this one community has taken the best of its Indian and Caribbean roots and incorporated those influences into its customs and cuisine. In Chicago, Samuelsson ventures into the city’s Mexican neighborhoods and discovers their impact on the area’s food and cultural landscape. Then, going beyond the borders of South Beach, he meets with members of Miami’s proud Haitian community. And finally, in Washington, D.C., Samuelsson explores Little Ethiopia and celebrates his own heritage through cooking, dance, and coffee. See a full press release on PBS.


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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the … Super Hotdogger, Oscar Mayer’s new addition to its Weinerfleet.

The Super Hotdogger, described by Oscar Mayer as a “jetpack-powered hotdog hero,” joins the classic Weinermobile in the Oscar Mayer fleet, which now also includes the WeinerDrone, WeinerCycle, Weinermobile Mini and Weiner Rover. (That might be an Ad Age record for the number of weiners used in one sentence.)

oscar mayer superhotdogger

This addition to the “fleet,” however, is a jet-pack equipped human in an Oscar Mayer suit carrying two hotdogs. With mustard.

In a push to promote its hotdog products and recipes, the lunchmeat maker has been adding to the fleet in recent years. Last year, the cold cuts company announced it was removing nitrates–except those naturally occurring in celery juice–from its hotdogs, along with animal by-products and artificial preservatives. Today’s launch was to hype a new line of 100 percent pork and 100 percent chicken hot dogs, released earlier this year.

“Consumers were asking for cleaner product lines, so we wanted to give them what they want,” says Matt Riezman, brand manager for Oscar Mayer.

The launch marks the start of a season that hotdog marketers relish. Starting around Memorial Day, there is an annual hike in sales of hotdogs. And this summer is shaping up to be better than previous years, judging by Memorial Day numbers, claims Oscar Mayer.

“People are definitely eating more hotdogs this year than in past years,” Riezman says, who, naturally, chalks this up to the higher-quality options Oscar Mayer is offering. (Rivals may disagree.)

But don’t spend a lot of time searching the skies for the Super Hotdogger in towns across America –like the rest of the WeinerFleet, it only comes out at special occasions like today’s unveiling. The Hotdogger’s flight lasted only about five minutes over New York’s East River, to the amazement and slight disappointment of the hotdog-hungry crowd below.

Ask a Hotdogger (a highly trained, college-age Weinermobile driver) how the event went, though, and you will receive this on-brand response: “Weinerful, frank you for asking!”

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