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CANNES, France—A clever and minimalist approach to sending motorists toward the nearest McDonald’s has won the Grand Prix at this year’s Cannes Lions, as has a Daily Show activation that created a “presidential library” of Donald Trump’s tweets.


Canadian agency Cossette created the “Follow the Arches” campaign, which cleverly cropped the McDonald’s golden arches to create direction arrows, with copy such as “on your left,” “on your right” and “just missed us.”

“It’s very deserving,” said Outdoor jury president Chris Garbutt, global chief creative officer of TBWA Worldwide. “If you live in Canada or the U.S., there’s all these ugly billboards on the highways that give you the next turnoff to a restaurant. (McDonald’s) took something and reframed it. It’s iconic. It’s confident.”

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If you haven’t heard the news yet, Snickers just started to roll out three new “Intense” flavors—sweet and salty, fiery and espresso—to satisfy all of your hunger pangs. In honor of the trifecta of limited edition Snickers flavors hitting shelves, the brand created a unique pop-up experience for one day only in New York City.

snickers intense

Modeled after the popular escape the room craze where participants are “locked” in a room for a set period of time and asked to solve puzzles to break out of said room, Snickers created its own Hunger Bunker for hungry fans.

Inside the bunker, participants were asked to solve three challenges in 10 minutes. Each challenge tied back to one of the new flavors. Fail to complete one of the tasks or take too long on one? The task that had you stumped represents your flavor profile.

When your bunker’s (imaginary) oxygen supply begins to dwindle, those who are inside must solve a quick puzzle for the irritable/espresso challenge. The group must put a series of pipe pieces back together to get oxygen flowing again. Fail to do so and your group will be labeled irritable.

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Picture this—you want to take a killer selfie, but you’re already enjoying a delicious and juicy burger, and you have a serious case of ketchup fingers. Don’t worry—McDonald’s has a solution to this timeless problem, just in time for National Selfie Day, this Thursday, June 21.

frylus mcdonalds

Cue the “Frylus.” It’s a handy stylus in the shape of a French fry, and it’s here to help you take your burger selfie game to the next level, while keeping your precious smartphone screen pristine and clean (because, after all, you’re a person, not an animal).

The brand is hyping its invention with a wonderfully melodramatic, snarkily artsy 60-second trailer for the product that might just sell you on the idea. The spot features Instagram persona and faux-Kardashian brother, Kirby Jenner, as the new Frylus spokesperson, and reads as much as a send-up of pretentious fashion advertising as it does a goofy promo for another piece of plastic the world surely doesn’t need.

To be fair, the fast food chain is using to the Frylus to promote its “100% Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder,” which is supposedly hotter and juicier than its predecessors—meaning the tool should be particularly helpful to anyone who might be enjoying the new patty.(McDonald’s will be giving away 100,000 of the french fry tools on Thursday, at more than 2,000 locations. (You can find them all here.)

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Dr Pepper Snapple Group is starting to spread the word about its new brand, Straight Up Tea, and, while doing so, is spreading some wild rumors about what sparked the Boston Tea Party.

In its first national campaign from the Richards Group, the tea brand (which claims to be made from only all-natural ingredients), takes viewers back to Dec. 16, 1773, where they find themselves on a ship in the Boston Harbor preparing to toss some chests of tea into the sea alongside the Sons of Liberty.

But this time, the protesters could care less about taxation without representation—all they care about is ridding Boston of tea made with artificial ingredients. And they’ll risk death to do it.

One can probably guess which tea brand (naturally) gets spared in the 15-second TV ad below.

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Pastrami, salami and matzoh ball soup super fans, rejoice. Starting in June, Katz’s is rolling out a subscription service so meat lovers outside of New York can get a variety of the deli’s products delivered to their door on a monthly basis.

katzs deli

Katz’s Delicatessen, which sits at the corner of Houston and Ludlow streets in New York’s Lower East Side neighborhood, has been an institution in the city for over 100 years and was further immortalized in When Harry Met Sally. It’s been shipping orders since World War II, when its slogan was “Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army.” The subscription service is the “next logical step” in its mail-order business, Jake Dell, Katz’s owner, said.

The service’s debut is a part of Katz’s 130th anniversary celebration, and the company has been plotting it for at least five years. Up until now, the company had a hard time finding the right technology to support it. “It was hard to implement, and hard to keep track of,” said Dell. Now, it’s ready.

Each month’s box will be different, and contain Katz’s merchandise in addition to food. The boxes are carefully curated with the seasons in mind, Dell said, and with the goal of introducing subscribers to more products. “We wanted to make sure it wasn’t just focused on the items people are most likely to order from us anyway,” said Dell. “And in August, you don’t necessarily want a whole lot of matzoh ball soup.”

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