The Tombras Group Takes Us Back to the ’90s in New Work for Zaxby’s

Knoxville-based agency The Tombras Group seems to have had a bit of fun with ’90s trends in its new campaign for Athens, Georgia-based fast food chain Zaxby’s.


The Zima and Surge-fueled campaign, presumably created while listening to a soundtrack of ChumbawambaAquaKris KrossSpice Girls, and Hanson, promotes the return of Zaxby’s Zensation and the introduction of its new Zensation sandwich. (We’re sure they left time for BlossomClarissa Explains It All and Dawson’s Creek marathons, too).

The creative team apparently took the idea of customers asking when the Zensation (an item not regularly available on menus) would be back and decided to run with it.

A trio of ads open with that someone exclaiming “It’s back,” followed by a series character apparently longing for certain ’90s fads (think shoulder pads, frosted tips and lots of denim) to return wishfully offering up suggestions. None of them are correct, but they don’t seem too upset about it once they find out about the Zensation.

Read more at Agency Spy:


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