Jell-O recently launched Jell-O Play, a new line of Jell-O gelatin toys designed to inspire parents and kids to engage in free play and fun. As part of that platform, the brand is launching its new animated series, The Jell-O Wobz, on DreamWorksTV’s YouTube Channel and Amazon Prime Video.


The series focuses on embracing imperfection, a theme that resonates with both parents and kids, and is comprised of six episodes that follow the Wobz, a group of amiable Jell-O characters cast from humble kitchen objects, in their adventures through a fantastical kitchen world.

In the first episode, the show’s protagonist, Bucket, is introduced, accidentally brought to life when Jell-O powder gets knocked into a bucket and mixes with a variety of leftover kitchen junk. At first, Bucket feels ostracized by the other Jell-O shapes, but after meeting more Wobz, he realizes that all have their quirks and differences.

from The Drum: