Nissin Cup Noodles packaging unlocks exclusive video game content

Nissin Cup Noodles has partnered with Square Enix to promote the publishers’ upcoming video game “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” with packaging that redeems codes for exclusive downloadable content, according to a press release.

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Ahead of “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s” Jan. 30 release on PlayStation 4, fans who purchase specially-marked packs of noodles featuring characters from the game can text a photo of their receipt to the phone number on the package to receive a unique game code. They can then download a Royal Raiment outfit for Prince Noctis, the protagonist of last year’s “Final Fantasy XV.” The limited-edition Cup Noodles will be available at stores nationwide, including Kroger, Walmart, Costco and Food Lion.

Nissin Cup Noodles and game developer Square Enix also collaborated last year, integrating the instant noodles into the storyline of “Final Fantasy XV.” The noodle dish was a favorite of one of the characters and players could go on a mission called “The Perfect Cup” to find and add ingredients to their meal.

Dive Insight:

Nissin’s ongoing collaboration with Square Enix gives the brand an opportunity to capitalize on Final Fantasy’s large global fan base. The long-running series has sold more than 135 million units worldwide, according to the release, pointing to the potential reach of a partnership that aims to deepen existing ties to the noodle brand. Nissin is leveraging mobile tactics to make access to the exclusive downloadable content more seamless for players of “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.”

The games industry is generally becoming a more appealing target for marketers, as 65% of American households now have at least one member who plays video games, according to the Entertainment Software Association. More than 24.5 billion total games were sold in 2016, generating $30.4 billion through purchases of online subscriptions, downloadable content, mobile apps and social network games. Twenty-eight percent of 13- to 54-year-olds have purchased additional content for video games, research from the NPD Group found, and 77% of those said they like the option to pay to further their enjoyment of a given game.

Beyond packaged goods tie-ups, more marketers are looking to integrate their brands directly into video game narratives and world-building, as Nissan did for a quest in “Final Fantasy XV.” Coca-Cola, for example, last year introduced a virtual brand ambassador into the story mode of EA Sports’ “FIFA 18” soccer game. Buffalo Wild Wings also linked its Blazin’ Rewards loyalty program to the November release of “Call of Duty: WWII.” Customers could accumulate multiplayer experience points in the game by enrolling in the program, making purchases or checking in to one of the chain’s locations on social media.

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