Hostess Brands, which saw its comeback buoyed by people’s nostalgic cravings for Twinkies, now has a faceless DJ to thank for its latest signal boost.

Twinkies are getting a fresh dose of recognition thanks to Marshmello, who wears a marshmallow-like helmet and apparently really enjoys the snack cakes, including them in videos seen by millions of followers. Marshmello, an electronic dance music DJ and producer whose real moniker remains as secret as his face, included Twinkies in two recent videos, “Find Me” and “Blocks.” The latest video, “Take It Back,” hit YouTube Monday, and includes Twinkies and two other Hostess products, cupcakes and pink Sno Balls, being served at a holiday dinner (around the 1:52 mark).

The integration is part of the push being overseen by Burke Raine, who joined Hostess as chief marketing officer in March 2016 to help contemporize its brand with a focus on more engaging social media, public relations and strategic partnerships.

Hostess no longer advertises in traditional media such as TV, radio or print. It’s relying more on areas such as social media, and, like many other brands, is targeting millennials.

“If it looks forced, I think millennial consumers, in particular, feel like they’re being sold, and millennials don’t want to be sold to,” says Raine.

Expect, instead, to see shareable content like a recent Instagram post about fictitious Chocolate Cake Twinkies wine, for example.

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