Zombies are seemingly everywhere this Halloween — even in burger packaging — but Nestle’s KitKat puts a twist on the usual undead cliches in in a campaign with its long-running “have a break” tagline.

The social media campaign includes two spots in which it’s the zombies who want a break. One seen here, depicts the classic zombie horror chase–except it’s the humans who are chasing the zombie. All he wants to do is hide from them and eat his KitKat in peace. Another spot sees undead hands rising from the grave towards an unsuspecting couple on a park bench, only to grab a KitKat out of the woman’s handbag. Both films finish with the line “Have a Break from the Usual.”

The campaign, created by JWT London and directed by Sunny Bahia via JWT’s in-house content production studio Pace, also includes an interactive version of a YouTube film where fans can choose whether Human or Zombie hands win in a tug-of-war over a KitKat.

from Creativity-Online: http://creativity-online.com/work/kit-kat-zombie-chase/53124