Once upon a time, there were three bears who lived in a house deep in the sun-dappled woods.

We’re talking about Matt, Joel and Phil. You’ll notice pretty much immediately that they’re not axially bears—well, not in the ursine sense They’re burly, hirsute gay men—slang term: bears—starring in agency BMB’s cheekily unconventional content play for Britain’s Rowse Honey.

In the most famous version of the classic fairytale, a wee lass named Goldilocks wanders into the home of a papa, mama and baby bear, sampling each one’s bowl of porridge to see which suits her taste.

BMB’s reimagines the story as a short-form online cooking show, and Goldilocks is nowhere in sight. Only papa bears live in this particular cottage. But piping-hot porridge—topped with Rowse Honey, of course—still has a role to play, as you’ll see in the trailer below:

Whoa, those were grrr-oovy grizzly-clawed slippers, right?

BMB creative chief Jules Chalkley says the strategy behind the campaign is simple—to “encourage more people to put more honey on porridge.”

“We wanted to find the ultimate advocates for porridge and honey,” Chalkley says. Who better, the team decided, than the Three Bears, “the original porridge connoisseurs,” presented in a modern, sharable platform designed to “tap into the nation’s deep love for cookery shows,” he says.

The first of three installments runs slightly less than two minutes. Along with steaming porridge to warm you up on a cold winter’s day, the guys show off their “hot pants” (literally, underwear heating on the stove) and share the love with a bear hug (what else?).

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