What are you hungry for?

That question is the center of a new master brand campaign from Stouffer’s, which wants to assert its position in the lives of people trying to succeed and who might want a little help making dinner.

The Nestle brand is promoting itself to, and with, what Kim Vo, Stouffer’s marketing director, calls “striving optimists.”

“If you think about who buys Stouffer’s, they’re hardworking Americans who are striving for better,” says Vo. “Despite the pace and complexity of everyday life they really work hard to make their lives and the lives of those around them better.”

At first, Stouffer’s is focusing on two such people in its “What are you hungry for” campaign, which breaks Monday and which Vo believes has the potential to be a multi-year effort.

Its general market push highlights Ted Ginn Sr., the director of Ginn Academy, a male-only public academy in Cleveland. Over the years he has coached numerous football players into college and many have made it to the NFL, including his son Ted Ginn Jr., who currently plays for the New Orleans Saints. The elder Ginn is featured in a 15-second TV spot and will star in a 75-second YouTube video.

The videos were directed by David Gelb, who directed “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” among other films. His skill in shooting food and for food storytelling appealed to Stouffer’s as it tries to think of how to advance itself in “modern American food culture,” says Vo.

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