Staring across the digital landscape, the word “disruption” has become an increasingly familiar mantra. However, rather than making the necessary revolutionary changes that will protect and grow their business, many organizations are instead choosing to continuously make marginal improvements to the status quo. Isn’t that missing the whole point?


In a world where technology and consumer demands are evolving at an exponential rate, I would argue that all ecosystems must change to meet the rising level of expectation from consumers. “Disruption” is in danger of becoming a cliché, and there are no longer any excuses for failing to see what the immediate future has in store.

1. Do not underestimate the value of taking risks.

2. Encourage staff to fail in order to deliver meaningful culture change.

3. Understand that everything in your industry looks the same to consumers.

4. Innovate to stand out from the crowd.

5. Accept risk and failure.

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